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Do you continue to have issues with employee turnover and identifying the best candidates for your dealership? Contact The Cole Group today to learn how you can save your dealership tens of thousands of dollars by simply reducing turnover alone.

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Reducing employee turnover at the average dealership 10% yields $300,000 (DOL)

Our Dealership Screening Program is a proven technique to drastically reduce employee turnover while also helping identify and foster retention for an overall better quality of staff.

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Serving over 1,500 dealerships nationwide

Our expertise in your industry is evident by our clientele which includes over 1,500 dealerships nationwide. We have the resources and experience with dealers of all sizes and complexities including: Top 150 National Dealers, regional multipoint groups, family owned dealers.

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Automotive Case Study

50% turnover reduction in the first 12 months

A multi-state multipoint regional auto group experienced more than a 50% reduction in their turnover within the first 12 months of implementing The Cole Group’s Dealership Screening Program.

A Department of Labor study says that a reduction of turnover at one average dealership of a mere 10% amounts to a $300,000 annualized savings. The auto group previously utilized a cheap conglomerate background screening company and experienced poor customer service, long turnaround time, and cursory results.

The Cole Group implemented our comprehensive program by working hand in hand with the human resources department

After one year the group has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in tackling their turnover problem. Their points of sale have brought on quality personnel who are dedicated to improving and growing the organization.

These results span across the hundreds of dealership groups The Cole Group serves. Many of our clients have been with us for decades.

Our organization was looking for a comprehensive solution to help us select the best candidates. Since 1998, their expertise has enabled us to develop an intelligent hiring process, mindful of the particular pitfalls dealers must be wary of and truly a partner with us in terms of liability and risk reduction.

18-Point of Sale Auto Group
VP Risk Management

For almost 40 years The Cole Group has provided outstanding service that has helped us make successful hiring decisions resulting in the engaging of great employees. The researching and intuitive procedures by The Cole Group has helped us hire long term, tenured employees attributing to our success and the successful relationship with them for many years.

Automotive Group
Vice President

It’s apples and oranges in comparing our former background check provider to The Cole Group. The reports are concise, comprehensive, and complete on our applicants.  If I have any questions, they are available in a moment’s notice.

Fortune 500 Company
HR Director

Originally, it came down to dollars and cents. Unfortunately, my group was the victim of a cursory database search and ended up getting burned. As a CFO, I can honestly say that they are worth every cent.

Regional Multi-Point Automotive Group

The Cole Group is a very important step in my hiring process. Since I began using the Cole Group, I can attest to the fact that the quality of my employees has improved to a great degree. I will not hire anyone without first using the Cole Group's services.

2-Point Auto Group
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The Most Powerful and Comprehensive Search Available

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